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Product approach

To do this, we went to the office of SBI bank, where we have been working with the client’s team for four months—with product owners, analysts and the development department. During the development process, many user paths, technical capabilities of the system for MVP launch and the nuances of using remote banking by entrepreneurs and accountants were analyzed.


When we started designing it, some part of the work was already done, but we revised the approach of the previous team-we based on the redesigned sidebar with accounts, where the upper widget aggregated funds of all accounts, and the lower ones—for each currency separately. Thus, information about accounts has become available on all screens of the personal account. And the screen itself is divided into three zones—a sidebar, widgets with balances and detailed information and payments.

The content area contains the most popular sections—tabs with an analysis sheet and a payment calendar. All this is available at one click directly from the home screen.


Flexible filtering will help you find any payment and show the operation status.

Separate account

To keep the pattern, we made a separate payment page similar to the main screen. It also displays analytics of funds transfer for the current month.

Payment details

Payment details contain a lot of data and technical details. And the form of the component intuitively suggests from which account and where the funds were transferred.

Login and registration

At the first log in, the system checks your username, personal data of the user and asks to come up with the password and for those who have already used the bank, just enter the username and password.


The extract section allows to view payments in a different format, more convenient for accountants. And also to upload and order certificates on paper or in electronic form.

Profile page

All account data and system settings are stored here. You can check out and change your service plan, add users to the system changing their rights, as well as set notifications and monitor account security.

All in one place

We have created a design system that ensures the uniformity of the interface and minimal time expenses for its development.