How we work

ChulakovGlobal Team

We use two formats of work, so you can choose the one that best
suits your project best

ChulakovGlobal Team

Time and Materials

The T&M approach is the best option when it's difficult to determine the deadline and full scope of work. You pay for the man-hours for the work actually done (e.g. features delivered, milestones met) and can make some quick changes if needed

Why choose T&M

  1. Flexibility
    Scope and work schedule can be changed in the process, you just need to enter new requirements
  2. Choose your team
    You build the team based on skills you need and decide on the number of people
  3. Regular feedback
    You get constant feedback along with access to control systems of tasks and time input. We will also have on hand working intermediate versions with a complete functionality
  4. Save your budget
    Working on medium and large projects, you can save 10-30% of the budget
ChulakovGlobal Team

Dedicated Team

Dedicated team is the formation of a team, taking into account the project budget and professional level of each participant. This format works well for long-term projects with changing requirements. You can manage yourself the team, and we can take over the organizational part of the work

Why choose Dedicated Team

  1. Full control
    You manage the team and adjust the workload of each member. The team is focused on your project only and is available whenever you need
  2. Individual approach
    You choose specialists based on their knowledge and experience in a particular area
  3. Cost reduction
    You pay fixed fees every month. We take care of things like recruitment, administrative support, etc. which saves your money
  4. Adjustability
    At any time, you can change the workflow and your requirements during the development process