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The website was created based on the Single-page Application with RESTful backend approach. Now, users do not have to wait for the pages to load while surfing through the website but can enjoy our quick—and, more importantly, convenient—React-based interfaces.

The frontend application was developed with the use of the modern JavaScript framework Next.js which serves as the basis for the frontend operation logic. Redux provides data storage and management on React app level. The general routing—forming and parsing of URLs—is carried out via a next-routes package.

For correct web indexing, the Server-side rendering technology is used for the Node.js based frontend.

Content Management System

A unique page designer allows to create new pages for the website from various functional blocks that can be filled with specific contents or include other functional blocks.

Within the project framework, a multilanguage management component was carried out. It allows to create unique in structure and contents websites in different languages within the same product management system.
Also, a module for automatic city identification based on users' geolocation was introduced.

An interactive menu management module enables the dynamic composition of the main menu for the website’s frontend with the account of the set language. For different languages, completely different menus can be created.

The document storage management system allows you to back to any version of any document uploaded into the system at any moment, as well as monitor the lifecycle of those documents.

Adaptive Version

Alongside with the desktop version, an adaptive version of the website was carried out for mobile devices. It provides convenient interaction with the website’s functions regardless of the device used.