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You can’t know it unless you try it

As much as we wanted to become a pizza, we only became customers. To simplify all the stages of ordering, we developed a large number of scenarios for interacting with the interface starting with the process of picking a pizza down to feedback, promo code use, and bonus collection. That is how the first app prototypes emerged with the consideration of the users' main two
needs—convenience and profit.

Main Screen

Convenience is about picking without thinking, especially when we’re talking about an app. That’s why the main screen shows the trending offers and a window to enter a promo code so that you can order considering your discount or pick a gift to go with your order.

Quick Search

The same screen has quick tags with pizza types, and for those who dig pineapple and other gourmet things, we added an ingredient-based filter.


Part of the bespoke design system we developed to put together this app. So cute you wanna eat them!


Users can just add a pizza to the cart or customize it by clicking Add Ingredients. That’s where the interesting part starts.

Pizza Constructor

Customization always improves user experience: users can put together a pizza from any ingredients they want and name that pizza themselves. E.g., you can add just pepperoni, jalapeno pepper, onions and garlic and call it Megatron 3000. That it how they will receive it. But if your friends are not as open to experiments as you are, you can split the pizza into halves.

Pizza Halves

For those who can’t make up their minds on what pizza to order, there is an option where they can make pizza out of two different halves, e.g., half meat, half vegetarian.


The cart is located at the bottom on the tab bar. When picking pizza, you can see the number of items chosen. This helps you stop on time or see if you’ve chosen too little.

Order Status

The most impatient users can see the approximate delivery time and status changes in real life.

Personal Space

It is comfy, too. Anything you might need—all on one page: user status, bonus account state, and gifts available.

Liked It?

Sure did. The Studio had a blast working with this interesting and extraordinary task. And, as it usually is with pizza—we crave more. The pizza house clients are still leaving thankful comments on digital platforms, and the owner provided feedback on our collaborations.