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Home page

We worked off a minimalistic style with contrasting typography to emphasize the company’s reliability and serious approach.


Almost every element of the website can be edited with the account of its multilingual properties via the admin dashboard.


The company’s express condition was not to prioritize one services over others which is why we split the page into three columns. In the mobile version, you can jump to the section of interest via anchors.


Nexign publishes news, useful articles, press releases and event announcements on a regular basis. For convenient material arrangement, we designed a full-scale section subdivided into categories.

About Us

The section contains crucial ratings, statistics, and information about the executive management. In the History block, we highlighted the key fact of the past year to focus on the company’s main happenings.


For a user to be able to find the necessary information, we added the website structure with all the subsections onto the page. The search results cover all the types of content on the website.

HR: Home Page

Under this project, we also completed a website for potential employees. It contains some reading about the advantages of working for the company, employees' corporate life, internships. You can also see job openings there.


All vacancies are split into categories. For search purposes, you can filter by country, city, and specialization.


Following the customer’s request, we developed a special access system for file resources with priority distinction by user categories with access rights confirmation.

We also applied a right differentiation to the operations in the database.

For command-line tools, admin dashboard, and the frontend part of the website, various limitations are implemented enabling to record, edit or pick initial data.