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Conducting an F1 Grand Prix in Baku is not only important from the viewpoint of sports but also in the framework of event tourism development.


Formula One is first of all a special atmosphere which was crucial for us to convey. From the home page, we guide our users to the section How It Was Back in 2016 so that they can see the scale and the unique character of the event.

With an idea of the program for the racing weekend in Baku, users can pick the best sitting area, book the nearest hotel, and purchase the tickets in the Shopping section.

For those who’ve already bought their tickets, the interactive Race Guide can help create their unique personal program. This section contains all the useful information about the event’s infrastructure, the schedule for the races and entertainment events as well as useful tips for tourists.

One of the business targets for the event and the website is attracting tourists to Azerbaijan. Unique culture, historical and natural sights of the Land of the Fire are also worthy of a peek. To see how interesting traveling Azerbaijan can be, users can use a 3D map.

For those used to the faster pace, we put together the key information from all the sections on the home page. One scroll down—and you see all the important things.

Full Immersion

Speed first second on: on the home page, users can see a race car rushing against the main sights of Baku. The animation creates the dynamics and the feeling of a 3D image.

Your Spot on the Race

Watching the acceleration lane or the race cars rushing through the old Baku, living by the track site, or taking a break from all the race noise, buying souvenirs, and grabbing a bite between the races—any info you need, you can find it on the interactive track map in the Race Guide section.

Object type filter helps users quickly find the bleacher or the hotel they need and go to its flypage with all the details. In the mobile version of the website, users can see the distance between their location and the picked object on a map.

Since the section was supposed to help not only prepare for the race but also to navigate the thick of it during the event, we started off by designing its mobile version. 95% of users accessed the website from mobile devices.


To create the astonishing 3D map of Azerbaijan and Baku, we used satellite images and a gradient altitude map. The displacement mapping technology allows to form—with the use of a gradient map—a 3D landscape: the lighter the dot on the image, the more that spot is protruded on the map. The camera comes down slowly and smoothly while scrolling.

To implement that technology, we developed our own solutions that work not only for the desktop but the mobile version as well.

Online Showcase

In the Shopping section, users can buy tickets for the race, book a hotel room, order some souvenirs, and make other necessary purchases.

On the website, you can thoroughly study each offer, e.g., take a look at the interactive map of the racing track and pick a bleacher.

Any Packaging

Realizing that during the race, over 50% of the traffic will be coming from smartphones, we put in extra effort in developing the mobile version. All the pages of the website are displayed correctly, and all the functions work on any mobile devices so that users can maximize their experience over the short racing weekend.

«The serious analytical approach to the set task taken up by the specialists is worth dwelling on. Due to a precise detection of the target demographic’s needs, the Studio created a user-attractive website with a high level of usability.»

Arif Ragimov, Executive Director, Baku City Circuit