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We created a visual code combining the internal processes of the development studio with the clean and informative interface with no excessive details.

First Interaction

From the very beginning, we immerse users into the gaming industry context by providing a peek into the backstage of a game developer’s profession. We also highlighted the company’s most popular and significant product—the game StandOff 2—in order to emphasize the studio’s scale of operation.

Easy to Find

We upgraded the job searching process by making it smart. The system reacts not only to tags but to the first input letters by suggesting options and searches for matches.


To make job description more comprehendible, we split them into seven groups, each of them personalized with an animation of a StandOff 2 character.


We introduced an emotional component into the standard procedure of applying for a job—once the data are submitted, a character from the game comes up on your screen.