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Oleg Chulakov Studio is a leader among Top Design Studios in Russia

recognized by Tagline, an analytical agency
that annually presents rankings for the digital
market in Russia

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Take a look at the products & solutions we’ve designed & built

Website for a video game production company
Online portal for a design university in Barcelona
Baku City Circuit
Baku City Circuit
Website for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Baku
Papa John's Mobile App
Papa John's Mobile App
Mobile app production for an American pizza delivery restaurant chain
Societe Generale Group
Societe Generale Group
Digital financial service website for Rosbank

We have world-class expertise in business insight & analytics, web & app product development

  • Business Analysis & Insights
  • Data & Analytics
  • Web & Mobile Design, Product Concept & Strategy
  • User Experience & Usability Analysis
  • Mobile App & Web Development & Product Delivery, Automation & Integration

We assign a dedicated team to develop & deliver your product. The product development process is divided into sprints to help manage priorities and monitor the progress regularly. We take full responsibility for product quality at every stage of development.

  • Account Director
  • Account Managers
  • Project Managers
Аnalytics and design
  • Art Director
  • Design Team Lead
  • Designers
  • Analytics Team Lead
  • Business Analysts
  • UX Analysts
Development and testing
  • Technical Director
  • Team Lead QA
  • QA
  • Team Lead Backend
  • Backend Developers
  • Team Lead Frontend
  • Frontend Developers

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Our companies have been working together for the past 3 years. Since then, we’ve made significant improvements in digital product development. One of the most remarkable projects we’ve worked on was e-commerce mobile app development. The way the studio’s team approaches product development stood out. The app was built from scratch based on the experience working on our website. Eventually, we’ve got an easy-to-use product, fast checkout process, excellent user experience, and sleek design. The app serves a purpose to help our customers, which makes it easy for us to monetize the result.

Andrey Lipovskiy, Head of IT projects of the pizzeria chain

We collaborated with Chulakov Studio to build a new Rosbank website. Every team member we worked with was very knowledgeable, professional, dedicated, and motivated. It felt like the team members were putting in a double effort while working on the product.

Vitaly Mazurevich, Rosbank Product Lead

The way the team approaches product development deserves a call out. It starts with an analysis, research of the audience, its needs, and expectations. Chulakov built an intuitive website with a great user experience.

Arif Rahimov, Executive Director of Baku City Circuit

Chulakov Studio is an attentive, responsible and reliable partner. They helped us a few times in a critical situation when a product was given to them at the last minute and needed to be great, and the deadline was yesterday.

Kirill Obukh, Ex-marketing director of Tele2

The studio’s management team is always in touch and responds to a request immediately. They provide high-quality service and deliver products on time. While working on our projects, the team was flexible, transparent, creative, and took on unusual tasks. Planning to continue working with Chulakov Studio in the future.

Helen Melnikova, project manager Leroy Merlin

We worked with Chulakov Studio on developing interfaces for smart home technology, financial management, webinar creation, and B2B products. Recommend Chulakov Studio as a reliable partner for design services and digital support.

Nadezhda Terekhova, Ex-head of UX and Interfaces of MegaFon

The Studio developed the "BCS Bank Personal Account" product, an online service for small businesses. The company established itself as an expert in development for building advanced services and integrated systems.

Dmitry Kostenko, CEO BCS Sphere

While working with us, the Studio showed itself as a devoted and trustworthy partner for content, landing pages, and banners creation. They are able to work with a high volume of work in a short time with no affect on quality. The team communicates effectively, efficiently, and focuses on client needs.

Zaven Avanyan, Head of digital Tele2

Every task the Studio implements is based on enhanced analysis and data. The approach helps to optimize the work process, achieve great results, and receive the high-end product. Chulakov Studio is a solid partner for website creation and advanced service systems development, which we highly recommend.

Jan Kukhalsky, MegaLabs — CEO of MegaLabs

Chulakov Studio has worked on the Other Rules House website for Tele2. The product was built in a brief period of time without affecting the quality or functionality. The development continued 24/7. Our account manager was in constant communication with our team. All comments were considered and taken care of. Will happily continue working with the Studio and would recommend it to others.

Anton Serbin, Senior manager of operational marketing

We worked with Chulakov Studio on developing Megafon HR Portal.
The Studio organized the entire product development process from content creation to technical support. We keep working with Chulakov Studio on enhancing the product, feature set & functionality.

Evgeny Skoromny, Senior product manager

Our projects earn world-class awards

140 awards
× 11
CSS Design Awards
× 10
× 3
European Design Awards
× 3
Favourite Website Awards
× 40
× 17
Rating Runet

Core Values

  1. Trust and Responsibility
    Trust & transparency is a key while working with our clients. We take full ownership and responsibility for the final results.
  2. Experience Matters
    Achieving the goal is essential. However, doing so by violating ethics is not acceptable.
  3. Words Worth
    We believe in the power of handshakes. Deal is a deal, we always keep our promises.
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